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Navitas provides a complete online temperature monitoring system for the hospitality industry. The Navitas system is complied of four different components, which together allow for a wireless temperature monitoring system. The four different components of the system are, the Smartprobe, the Navipod, the powerful software and the Navitab.


The Smartprobe and online temperature monitoring:

The NavitasSmartprobe is unlike any other probe on the market. Online temperature monitoring means that there is no docking required. The NavitasSmartprobe further allows the chef to insert their name and the type of food for each dish. Resultantly, this allows for complete traceability for the company as well as security. It further allows the chef the opportunity that their dish will be recognized. The intensive market research undertaken by Navitas, acknowledges the risk of health and safety and hygiene while probing food. As Navitas was initiated and developed, the feature of a Snap-On Snap-off probe needle was identified, which means that after every dish has been probed, the needle can be removed from the probe and changed. Furthermore, Navitas has been cautious regarding consumer needs and thus provides a Halal probe needle. The Halal probe needle can be specifically used for Halal dishes where all the functionality of the Navitas system remains the same.

The Navipod and online temperature monitoring:

The Navipods have a wireless functionality, which allows for it to render online temperature monitoring. This means that the Navipods can be placed in your fridge, freezer and chilled cabinets and the Navipods will automatically record the temperature on an hourly basis. The temperature is recorded back to the Navitas database, which allows the clients to extract any data at any given moment. The Navipods eliminate the risk for human error as the recording is automatically rendered. The intention of an online temperature monitoring system was to fundamentally ensure that it simplified the work for the chefs, Finance Directors as well as the Health & Safety Managers. Navitas acknowledges the time and effort that goes behind paperwork where the chefs are required to make surethey have noted down certain details and the amount of paperwork that has to be checked and stored. This requires a lot of space and man time, which can be difficult when the kitchen staff can be extremely busy with other issues to solve and strict deadlines to meet. Thus, online temperature monitoring allows efficiency where all paperwork is taken care of.

Laptops took the market by storm because they were portable and could perform all the functions of a desk top. If portability was the only issue, the iPad2 would have taken over the laptop's place within weeks of its launch as the iPad2 is slimmer and lighter than the laptop making it better in terms of portability. However there are other categories where the iPad2 faces challenges; one being the keyboard. The iPad2 comes with a virtual keyboard with a generous layout which makes typing easy. The touch screen keyboard is "multi screened"; the first screen has characters in iphone charging station a QWERTY format, others characters like brackets, apostrophes and commas can be found on the second and third screens. However if you are not comfortable with a touch screen keyboard, you can always attach a physical keyboard to your iPad2 but for this you have to purchase an Apple Keyboard Dock. A physical keyboard takes the portability factor from the iPad2 so an Apple Wireless Keyboard is a better option. This type of keyboard is connected to the iPad2 through Bluetooth technology and lets you type wirelessly within a certain range.

You can also make presentations using your iPad2. With an Apple VGA Adapter you can display the presentation on your iPad2's screen or on a projector or a bigger screen. In case of an HDMI compatible projector or TV, you will need a Digital AV Adapter. The iPad2 is really good at web browsing and viewing videos and flicking through albums is a pleasure as is presenting digital images. The pinch to zoom feature lets you view PDF files. It brings the page closer and you can also scroll down web pages easily.


Apple has redesigned the iWork apps especially for the iPad2. iWork apps provide a complete package for spreadsheets, word processing and presentations. If you intend to work on simple Word Docs, you can purchase Apple's Pages. If you want to work with MS Office Docs, you can purchase the Documents to Go Premium-Office Suite; it lets you work in all sorts of file types. With the AirPrint apps you can get a hard copy wirelessly while the AirPlay lets you stream videos and audios over your HDTV and speakers wirelessly. You can also jot down notes on your iPad2 and there is an "autocorrect" option for horrendous spellings.

Receiving and sending e-mails is also simple as the iPad2 comes with built in support for Gmail, Mobile Me, Exchange, Yahoo Mail and AOL. It also comes with POP3 and IMAP e-mail compatibility from other services. You will find methods of attaching multiple images to e-mails and synchronizing and fetching data from e mail serves over the net. Price and battery life are two categories where the iPad2 emerges as a winner.


Coming back to the question whether the iPad2 can replace the laptop depends on the functions you want it for. The iPad2 is a good replacement for a laptop if you want to use it for chatting, e mailing and web browsing. It is quite light and can be easily carried around. It is a super device if you want to entertainment or work on light tasks. The absence of a USB port restricts the applications of an iPad2 and it is not that efficient on heavy multi tasking either. If you are looking for an affordable device which can be easily carried around and which can meet the basic web browsing and other needs, the iPad2 is the gadget for you.


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